Special Events

Special Events

Sweethearts Banquet

This is an event held in February of each year for our senior members. They are provided a nice, warm dinner and fun entertainment.  A theme is picked out for each year and the members can come dressed accordingly, like the 70’s or a Hawaiian luau. The youth of our congregation serve at this event.

Fellowship Meals

Fellowship meals are held on the first Wednesday night of each month.  We spend time catching up with some and getting to know others better.  Visitors are always our special guests.

Graduation Banquet

At the end of each school year, a banquet is held honoring and celebrating those who have graduated from various educational programs. We spend time reflecting on how far they have come in their education and celebrating what God has done in their lives.

Teachers Appreciation Banquet

This banquet is held in honor of the teachers in our congregation. We have a meal together and thank each and every one who sacrifices their time to teach our members from the Word.

Veterans Banquet

Each year, our members plan a time of reflection and appreciation for our veteran members.  We want them to know we are thankful for their time and sacrifice for serving our country.

Fall Work Day

In the fall, we set aside a day to help the widows/widowers/elderly of our congregation with anything that needs to be attended to at their homes, like gutter-cleaning, minor repairs or yard work.  We gather for breakfast and then split into groups to accomplish the work before us.